~330K people own Tesla Effect on Steam

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According to Steam Spy, a third-party site that measures Steam statistics, an estimate of 300,000 people bought Tesla Effect on Steam.  I think that's a fairly good number if accurate.  Compared to other indie titles of recent years:

Amnesia: Dark Descent - 3 million users
The Stanley Parable - 1.7m
Outlast - 1.3m
Antichamber - 1m
Dear Esther - 794k
Gone Home - 657k
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - 373k
Among the Sleep - 155k
The Cat Lady - 133k
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - 124k
Blackwell Epiphany - 24k
Moebius: Empire Rising - 19k

Of course, we need to take budgets into account; that's why we keep seeing Broken Sword and Blackwell sequels despite their low sales.  We also need to include sales from GOG or other stores.  And of course, we need to know that what matters is how much money the developers actually get to keep for themselves, after stores and publishers got their cuts.