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Hello all,
First I'd like to thank the Backers and the BFG team for the Tex Murphy come-back !
I finished Tesla Effect and I was very happy even ingame graphics aren't state-of-the-art.
However I found a lot of typo issues in the French translation.
That's why I started to fix them, I know it is a huge workload (over than 4000 lines to analyze).
Here is the XML file, the translation isn't perfect : for example it is hard to translate english calembour...
URL : http://dl.free.fr/gV9xdL6UX

How to install it :
1- Go to the folder Tesla Effect\TeslaEffect_Data\ExternalData\Localization\Strings
2- Make a copy of the strings_fr.xml file (very important)
3- Download the file and put it into this folder