Happy New Years 2015!

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Wow what a ride 2014 was.  I don't know about you all, but I'm going to do a few things differently this year.   A small something would be I'm going to make an effort to wear high heels once a month.  Sounds like a trivial thing, but I wore them out last night all prettied up and felt super nice for a change.  I loved the way my husband looked at me, smiling as we relaxed and waited for the new year countdown to end.  See, I'm more the type of person to feel much more comfortable with bare feet dug down in freshly turned dirt getting ready to plant a new garden for the year. So out at night isn't my cup of tea, normally.  To get out of my comfort zone of one-in-the-garden zen, I'm going to try to wear high heels and doll up at least once a month.  Doesn't matter where I'm going, just as long aas I do this one little minor thing, Something to make me visually remember that I'm not always a droll average person.

Besides, they make a person's calfs look great.  :)


Happy New Year to you all: 

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