Happy Thanksgiving, BFG!

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Family is what it's about.  Enjoy that time together.  Even with those weird cousins and crazy aunt you can't divorce yourself from...


Besides, I've yet to see a Black Friday Ad posted anywhere that actually had a good deal or anything we wanted or NEEDED.  It's all stuff and fluff.  But don't tell this to my Jedi knight son, Dorian.  He's pretty sure Santa Clause is bringing him the Lego Millennium Falcon for Christmas this year, among other very pricey stuff that his dear little heart is set upon.  Dear god!  That joker is $150!!!  My daughter, Willow, can't think of anything she really wants.  Funny how a little girl goes from 7 to 8 years old, and the gulf between those ages are a mile wide in terms of how they play. Maturity in my little girl plays hell on me as I'm torn between pride she's so awesome and makes good decisions, and sadness because she isn't entertained by some of the simple joys we used to marvel at.  Like how any barbie fit any shoe no matter what they looked like...


Ah, kids.  The quintessential conundrum for emotional rollercoaster rides.  Wouldn't change a thing.