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We thought we had done our due diligence creating the German Translation.
Not speaking the language ourselves, we hired translators to do the heavy lifting and our publisher ran that through their language testing process.

It didn't turn out as well as we may have liked.

Seeing the errors, several users banded together to take on the tremendous(!) task or retranslating the entire game.
This is an example of that.

A new and improved German translation by user MarkoH01

We have not tested with this translation, and the user accepts responsibility for what may come of it's use.

The file is a//vailable here:
(updated:  8/4/14)

This is MarkoH01's original post about this new German Translation:

I have now finished the German Translation and fixed many little bugs in the subtitles and their timing for all languages. This is the full Bugfix-log:

Minor subtitle timing correction in the first Noth Hill Clinic talk. (All languages).

Corrected wrong subtitles and timing in the Pandora flashback when in Rooks garden.
(Content German/English - Timing: All Languages).
Corrected Inconsistencies in Menu screens (All languages).
Corrected wrong timed resort script file (All languages).
Corrected Timing in first Mantus dialogue.(All languages)
Corrected Timing in Ault Dialogue at day 8 (All languages)
Corrected Timing in North Hill Clinic Taxi dialogue (All languages)
Added subtitles for the backer credits. (All languages).
Fixed missing subtitle in last Scene when chosing A path (Chelsee) (All languages)
Fixes Safire Dialogue (All languages)

Corrected Hints in the Hint-System (German only).
Corrected subtitles and blank or wrong dialogue options (German only).
Added additional hotkey "p" description (German only).
Added additional subtitles for the Intro Day Titles. (German only).

Big thanks to
Stevie who tested the German corrections and the retimed subs very thoroughly.
Sbenrap who provided the XML files for the day Intro titles.
Sagel who did the French translation I included for which I only changed the menu inconsistencies (The French translation is all the work of sagel).

UPDATE (2014/08/02): 
Fixed additional little mistakes in German Translation.
Fixed Freeze Gun Dialogue with Smart Alex in German and English.
Added additional Menu Hotkeys / Sorted Menu Hotkeys logically for German and English Version.