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Modders rejoice! I have successfully implemented a few simple mods to Tesla Effect which help enhance the visual fidelity of the game environments by applying various post-processing techniques and effects.

Here is an example before and after:



This is NOT an official game update or patch. There are two post-processing injectors that work outside of the game itself. This is NOT a mod that directly influences the game content, change the textures or geometry. This means that you do not need to make any modifications to the game's content, and these can be switched on and off easily at any point. 

Some of the post processing filters applied are:

  • Up to 32x multi-pass Anti-Aliaising 
  • Up to 8x Sparse Grid Super Sampling Transparency Anti-Aliaising 
  • Additional Ambient Occlusion
  • Enhanced texture filtering for sharper textures
  • Increased Anisotropic filtering
  • LOD optimization
  • Light 'Bloom' effect
  • Multi-pass color / exposure tone mapping
  • Color grading


Here are a couple of videos which demonstrate these in action:



At the bottom of this post is a download link to the files (including instructions) to install on your system to utilize these enhancements in your game. However, this is only recommended for users who have a substantial amount of horsepower to run it efficiently. 

Included in the pack will be a series of presets that range from lite, to balanced and insane levels of detail. Just to give you an example of how many resources the 'insane' preset will use: I was seeing as many as 3.8GB of Video RAM (I have a 4GB video card) being used in some areas on the highest settings at 1920x1080 resolution. So unless you have a pretty beefy machine, you are likely to experience a very low framerate when trying to run these enhancements at full. But, I have a feeling some of you will be up for the challenge! 


Here is a summary of the profiles that will be included:

  • A - GREAT (for machines that can barely play Tesla Effect on high quality)

Excellent balance of performance and quality, most machines that can currently run Tesla Effect well should be OK with this setting. It will provide image enhancement with a relatively low impact on game performance.

  • B - AWESOME (for machines that perform well with Tesla Effect on high quality)

This profile provides more enhanced graphics than the 'Great' setting, with a moderate impact on performance. If your machine barely runs Tesla Effect well, this setting may degrade performance more than the 'Great' setting. However, if your machine plays Tesla Effect with optimal performance at the highest quality settings, this setting should still provide excellent performance. 

This features utilized in this profile may not be compatible with older nVidia cards.

  • C - INSANE (for machines that have hardware that performs well in excess of Tesla's optimum standard)

This profile provides the best possible graphical experience and enhancements. While both the 'Great' and 'Awesome' profiles provide enhancements which utilize a series of optimizations to maintain performance, this setting ignores performance optimizations in order to provide the highest possible image quality. This means that regardless of viewing distance of number of on-screen assets, it will apply maximum quality enhancements on every single asset in the scene. A very powerful video card is recommended for this setting to ensure the framerate is acceptable.

The features utilized in this profile may not be compatible with older nVidia cards.


Unfortunately, at this time the mods will only work on computers which use nVidia Graphics Accelerators. If you are using ATI/AMD or Intel HD graphics, these will not work.

You can download the pack from here:



You are not obliged to like some of the post-processing filters I have added to the game. Everybodys tastes and monitors are different. I performed these enhancements on a properly color calibrated monitor, so in my opinion it works well - but different monitors will yield different results so you may want to adjust things to your liking. The included instructions contain detals on how to do this.

The instructions also contain information on how to achieve 64x Anti-Aliasing on single GPU setups, and up to 128x AA on SLI setups. But these will incur a HUGE performance hit. If anything, the option has been added for those who are up for the challenge!

If you have any questions, concerns or simply want to share your experiences and benchmarks with this mod, please share them in the comments here!