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Giles Habibula
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Thank you Big Finish Games for FINALLY creating a hidden object game that I actually enjoy playing!

I only very briefly played the demo, and got hooked by the clever concept and nice production values, and after doing a bit of research to verify that this game does not use online activation (Thank God for that--I refuse to buy online activated games), I plunked down my money, installed the game, and I'm good to go. The whole install process went extremely smoothly, and the game plays extremely nice.

It's cool to be able to relax while playing a game, without the pressures of a time limit or quick reflexes. I'll be 50 in a couple months, and time limits and reflexes don't go well with my diminishing abilities.

Also, I bought from this site, as I was totally unsuccessful in finding the online activation policies on other sites. I'd much rather pay the full price for the full game, rather than a discounted price for what amounts to a rental if my computer dies and the activation site is no longer active. Also, I prefer as much money as possible go straight to the developer. Since they trust their honest customers not to pirate the game, the least I can do is buy straight from their site.

Best wishes!
And now to continue with the game!!