Chapter 4 Rune Puzzle Tips

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I just thought I'd give out some help for other people who want a hint on this one but don't just want the answer. While it's kinda giving the answer away anyway, I just wanted to know how the hell this puzzle worked. What do the pictures represent? Sun? Woman? Star? Snow? No, no, yes, no.

After I found the answer, I reverse-engineered what the pictures represent. They are as follows:

Upper right picture of sun with a face hovering over a tree
DAY (not sun, god, may or man)

Center right picture of long-haired woman with several stars
NIGHT (not woman, girly, B-word or windy)

Lower right picture of a Christmas tree-like star
STAR (not snow)

Left picture of a pentagram:
TACLE, probably the end of the word "obstacle"

You do the rest.