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First of all, I want to start this by saying thanks to Aaron Connors and Chris Jones for the best adventure game I ever played in my life: Under a killing moon (a real miracle, considering what it achieved then).

Said that, let me share some thoughts about 3 Cards to Midnight.

Overall this is a very pleasant experience, especially thanks to a poignant back story.

Since being brief is often preferred, I am making a small list, providing some feedback about the game.

- Story: this is the strongest point of the game, no doubt about it. It sucks the player in and is paced well enough, despite the problem of being "fragmented"
- Puzzles: they are well thought and varied enough to never feel old all through the game
- The voicing and music are both good but...

- ...the audio sampling is too low quality and that is especially bad in view of the facts that there are no subtitles (I am italian, my co-player is swedish) and that it penalizes the quality audio work
- Just like for sampling, the graphic for the rooms is way too pixelated. It is often difficult to understand what an object really is
- The word game itself was interesting enough but I believe you could have come with better associations: there were some words that could suit the key words so perfectly but never been really used (ex: soundTRACK, MOONlight) while at times there were legit associations that the game did not really recognize

I know that you have already introduced subtitles for the next episode (which I'll certainly buy) but my recommendation is to also improve the graphics resolution for the 2D environments (the 3D is good enough) and the audio recording quality. I know this means a much bigger file to download but I believe that most of your faithful supporters would not mind a bigger download if the end result is a better product.

Wishing you the best,