Back in the Saddle again!

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For all of you who've continued to stop by faithfully, hoping for new updates, we offer our sincerest apologies for not posting more frequently. Anyone who's ever worked in a project cycle will appreciate how easy it is to lose track of time in the "outside world" - especially when you're on tight deadlines. It seems like every time we turn around, another month has flown by.

Well, we finally have the news you visitors have been waiting for! Three Cards to Midnight is done and ready to be released!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, our early vision of this game was quite different from what it's become. The game market (especially downloadable games) has changed radically in the past year; what would have been new and interesting a year ago would likely be outdated today.

Fortunately, we made a decision back in November to essentially start over and make Three Cards to Midnight a game that would stand out from the crowd and really deliver an excellent game experience. The problem was always lack of resources, but we took a gamble and decided that it would be "all or nothing": either we would succeed with this game and get to make more games, or we would blow all our money and use up all our personal favors in a spectacular failure!

Only time (and sales) will tell if we accomplished our goal. We think we have. We're SO excited about this game and think people will really enjoy it.

We still have some details to work out regarding distribution, but our intention is to have it available on May 6. And we'll let everyone know as soon as we do where you can get it.

Thanks again for your support! I hope (and believe) Three Cards to Midnight will be worth the wait!