Oculus Rift working with Tesla Effect! (Instructions inside)

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At the moment I have a DK1 Oculus Rift and have been fooling around getting games and such to work with it.

After a bit of fiddling, i managed to get Tesla Effect working with the Oculus, in 3D and with head tracking, Though movie sequences are flat (as would be expected)

I'm not sure i would recommend a play through using the Oculus, especially since all the FMV sequences are flat and static. but i would recommend anyone with an Oculus that wants to walk the streets of Chandler avenue to try it

Below is the setup guide for getting Tesla Effect working with the Oculus Rift.

What you need:

Tesla Effect Game

Oculus Rift Headset

Viero Perception http://vire.io/download/ (opens in a new window)


Install Tesla Effect and connect the Oculus to the computer.

unpack Perception to your desktop or where you would like to put it runs directly from the folder, so put it anywhere you want and open the folder.

Now, go into the "CFG" folder and right click and choose "Edit" on "Profiles.xml". scroll down to the bottom and find "</profiles>" at the end. put your cursor right before the <, press "Tab" and paste in this code:

<profile roll_multiplier="1" pitch_multiplier="25" yaw_multiplier="25" swap_eyes="false" convergence="0" separation="0.00357999" game_type="500" game_exe="TeslaEffect.exe" game_name="Tesla Effect"/>​

Save the file and go up one folder and go into the folder named "BIN". Make a shortcut of the perception.exe file where you can easily access it (desktop for instance) and before you close the folder, copy (don't cut or move) the three DLL files; "d3d9.dll, hijackdll.dll and libfreespace.dll to your clipboard (press CTRL + C)

Then you need to go into the Tesla Effect Game folder (usually located at "C:Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\Tesla Effect" or you can right click the steam icon on your desktop and choose "open file location") and paste (CTRL + V) in the three DLL files into the main folder (where "TeslaEffect.exe" is located) and make a shortcut of TeslaEffect.exe on your desktop or games folder or wherever you want (don't start it from the the Steam shortcut, launch it either directly from the executable or a shortcut of it.

first start Tesla Effect normally (don't have perception running yet) and set your settings as you want them. also set the FOV to 90 and the resolution to 1920x1080 (the oculus can handle these resolutions, it down samples the image to it's native resolution with the effect of the game looking much better than the native 1280x800 resolution of the Oculus. 

after having the settings as you like it, exit the game, or start the game, watch the intro and save and quit as soon as you gain control of Tex.

Now run Perception, Choose "Oculus Rift" in the top dropbox, and "OculusTrack" in the bottom dropbox.

Don't close Perception, leave it running (you can minimize it if you want). this is the program that "hijacks" the games display and converts it to "oculus mode" and also handles the head tracking.

Now start Tesla Effect from the shortcut you made or directly from "TeslaEffect.exe"

the main menu can be a little hard to see as it is off to one side a bit out of view, but the top choice should start or continue the game for you. the in game menu is centered, so it is much easier to see, however the mouse pointer is not optimized for 3D so you might have to close one eye at the time and locate the pointer.. you also have to search around for the buttons as the game thinks the buttons are centered on the screen, but in the Oculus, it's split into two images, so finding buttons is not impossible, but requires a bit of fiddling to find the buttons.

if you have problems getting Tesla Effect to run on the Oculus you can try adding "-adapter 1" (without quotes) to the launch options of the shortcut, (this should start the game on your secondary monitor (Oculus) or you could just clone the Oculus and and your monitors display, which will almost always work.. you will have your main monitor running in 1280x800, but games can be run as high as your main monitor accepts (or atleast up to 1900x1200 for the Oculus) (edit: you should be able to resize your cloned screens back to 1900x1080/1200 in windows resolution settings)​

unfortunately, i don't have any recorder software or hardware to film it for you, but maybe one of you guys are able to do it?

i see this as more of a "proof of concept" than a new way to play the game.. if the videos had been in 3d however, and maybe filmed with a wide angle lens so you could look around a bit during dialogue, then it would be perfect.. though it is still fun to just stroll around Chandler Avenue, looking around, being Tex ;)

Oh, and thanks for another amazing Tex Murphy game :D (still on day two, savoring the gameplay) :P