"Project Fedora" Production Update & Comic-Con!

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Greetings Mutant League!

Production for "Project Fedora" is underway and things are going great.  Currently, we are working on the expansion of Chandler Avenue and even discussing casting choices for "Fedora." If you haven't already, please vote here  on what new locations you would like to see on Chandler and be sure to leave a comment about name suggestions for new locations.

Also, since we exceeded our funding goal and will now create a bigger, broader game -   it has altered our timeline a bit to accommodate the new additions to the game.  Right now, it is set up to take one full production year before its release (12-14 months).  So, delays suck but it will also mean a better game.

Also, since a boxed copy of the game is included in the physical items, the physical items will need to be shipped with the release of the game. But don't worry - we plan on putting all sorts of downloadable goodies on www.BigFinishGames.com to occupy your time until the game is finished and all the physical items arrive.

If you were a Tex Murphy backer and you haven't already, please sign up for an official Big Finish Games email account using the same email address you used for your Kickstarter & PayPal. We will be opening up a "Backers Only" section very soon where we will update you with "behind the scenes" information as production progresses.  This production blog will give backers the nitty-gritty details of how games get made including speed bumps, triumphs, and random happenings that occur throughout the process of game making.   

I will be on a panel at Comic-Con this Saturday, July 14 along with Oded Sharon (developer for Leisure Suit Larry), Chris Pope (Two Guys from Andromeda: SpaceVenture), Jordan Weisman (Shadowrun), and Chris Avellone (Wasteland 2)!!! If you're going to Comic-Con, we'd love to have you there!