Telsa Starts in window and/or strange resolution after Re-Install

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We've have some reports of the game starting up weirdly after a re-install.

Usually the game is starting windowed (instead of Full Screen) AND in a strange resolution.
Sometimes the entire graphic/menu can't be seen entirely.

We don't know why this is happening on some (but certainly not all) machines.
We've not seen an example of this in our office

The game creates a file that stores your game preferences here:

C:\Users\<your login name goes here>\AppData\Local\BigFinishGames\TeslaEffect\SettingsDB.sav

Deleting that file, will normally reset the game to it's defaults (leaving saved games intact)
Delete that file and launch the game---if it works, there is nothing more you need to do.

In machines that are experiencing this problem...there seems to be something that has locked the Registry settings preventing the game from overriding they system with the settings you've selected.

To Fix:

Make sure the game is not running, and close any open applications.

For Windows 7:

1.       Click on the START BUTTON in the lower left of your screen
2.       Type:     regedit.exe   (and press Enter)
3.       You will be asked for permission to open the Registry.
4.       Expand the folder called:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER
5.       Expand the “Software” subfolder
6.       Look for and expand “BigFinishGames”
7.       Look For “TeslaEffect”
8.       Right Click on “TeslaEffect” and Delete it.
9.       It will ask for confirmation…say YES
10.     Close the Window and Launch the game.