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Hi I was playing my steam version of Tex Murphy Telsa Effect, I go to the part where I had used the bug bomb, inserted the fully charged battery, used the fire extinguisher, got into the room, I started the puzzle to control power flow. I F5'd. I tried the puzzle for a while and wanted to go back my quicksave, but when I pressed F9, I was outside the honeycomb room, and when I go through the energy wave and approach the mech to enter that room again I die, every time. I had a autosave, so I tried that and it did the same thing. So I reverted to the beginning of day 8 save, but now I can;t get into the 3rd or 4th floor to continue the game.


Perhaps I need a card, but I'm not sure if the game thinks I haven't picked it up?

I'm not sure why I was dying and why I can't get back it to that room.

Can someone help me.