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While I have been responding to many of the threads on here, GOG, Steam, Facebook and many other places personally, I keep seeing folks claiming there is still silence on our part with regards to certain issues. So I will consolidate them here so there is not more confusion...

Sound stuttering:

We are aware of this. We appreciate so many users working their way through their own solutions, but rest assured we are also working hard on resolving this and will hopefully have a fix for it soon.

(Update:  5/27    The patch helped some people having problems, but did not resolve the issue for others.  We can't reproduce the error here at the offices making it difficult for us to narrow down.  This bug is active)

Video glitches:

Green screen or no screen video? This guide in almost 100% of cases has resolved that issue:


Localization, pardon my French (and other languages):

Are we aware that some of you are not happy with the translations? Yes. Are we looking into rectifying this problem? Yes. Do we have an ETA? No. Will we keep you posted on the matter? Yes!

(Update: 5/27   The patch added Italian and made improvements in the other languages.  As we don't posses the talent or team to handle translation ourselves, we had to hire sub-contractors.  Their work went through a QA process with our publisher.  We know NOW that the translations are flawed, and we are sorry.)


GOG keys, Steam Keys?

Were people happy with having only Steam keys? No. Were the GOG keys delivered to us (BFG) by the time the game was launched? No. Did we elect to deliver Steam keys so that we have SOME way of delivering you a game on launch day? Yes! Did the GOG keys finally make their way to the BFG offices? Yes. Were they then delivered to all eligible users? Yes!

What about some of you who are having issues with Steam saying "I have to own this game first"? Easy: Log out and click on keys link again.


Steam Achievements:

Do we have them? No. Will there be any? Maybe. When will this happen? No idea. It's not as easy as flipping a switch. It takes time, and at the moment we have bigger fish to fry. Perhaps some time down the track!

(Update: 5/27   No decision has been made on this)


Key Binding:

We are aware many users have asked for this. This was initially discussed, but it was very complex to implement before release. Perhaps in a later patch.

(Update: 5/27   No decision has been made on this, but we are leaving this request active)


Controller Support:

We are also aware of this popular request. Same as above. It was a wish list item, but we could not get it implemented before release. Perhaps in a later patch.

(Update: 5/27   No decision has been made on this, but we are leaving this request active)


Any other issues, and bugs you have noted:

Please email BFG directly via this method: http://www.bigfinishgames.com/contact

Your patience as understanding is very much appreciated. I am currently here on a weekend, where it is now 1:20am and the only reason I came into the office today (despite my actual role in this project being over) was to ensure I could read ALL the forums (GOG, Steam, Adventure Gamers, Twitter, BFG forums, Facebook, and more) and speak to you guys personally and hopefully put your minds at ease with some issues. And guess what; I am the Visual Effects Supervisor (not a support crew) currently pulling double duty to do so! I was not asked to do this, I am doing so because like all of you I was once a huge fan of the series (since I was 9 years old) and believe in it, much like I believe in all of you!


CUBASE  --Jumping in and adding a few more to your list here  (steve)

Pharoes crossing the river puzzle

Bug reported by Gledster

In the Pharoes crossing the river puzzle. By double-clicking on a pharo they just disappear, almost as if they jump OUT of the puzzle. This then renders the puzzle impossible to complete and I have to re-load a save since the puzzle has no reset button. 

(Update: 5/27   This has been fixed in the Patch)


Assembling the Ankh pieces

Bug reported by sbenrap

The *BIGGEST* bug I encountered was when assembling the Ankh pieces, one piece would 'click' into place and suddenly an already correct piece would be transported elsewhere and was no longer clickable.
I had to do the puzzle 5 times before it stopped doing that and registered correctly.

(Update: 5/27   This has been fixed in the Patch)


Final Puzzle in Phase 1

Reporter Unknown

Failing the Final Puzzle in Phase 1…the puzzle doesn’t “fail” but simply resets.

(Update: 5/27   That was by design, but sounds were added in the patch to improve puzzle play)


placeholder for a cutscene

Bug reported by demonlawyer

Just found the best place to post this - Door 2A of the Ritz, if you move the cursor to the bottom right of the door you get an eye. Click on it and you get a placeholder for a cutscene that isn't there.

(Update: 5/27   This has been fixed in the Patch)


Cooling Rods in Titan Reactor

Bug reported by IcyWheels

On day eight there's a game breaking bug. If the gate is closed, DO NOT push in the cooling tubes or one cannot progress any further. Fortunately, I had a quicksave not to far in the past.

(Update: 5/27   This has been fixed in the Patch)


Stuck in Geometry

Also on day eight, there's a broken floor (2nd floor) leading down to the first floor. Its possible to get stuck in some rubble at the bottom.

(Update: 5/27   There may be places in the geometry where the player can get stuck.  Although we fixed a few in the patch, not all will be addressed.  This bug remains open.)


Requested:  Texture Pack Upate:

(Update: 5/27   There are no plans to release a new texture pack.)



Game crashes at the start of Day 10
This is likely a memory issue.
Player is going from Tesla to Chandler.
Currently we believe the engine is freeing enough video memory for Chandler, but not contiguous memory.
And it's hitting a Chunk size that is larger than the largest contiguous memory slot...and fail.

(Update: 5/27   This is active)
(Update: 6/6  Thanks to user: the_maharishi we have a "fix" for the next patch)