There is a new Jedi.. Do not mess with this dangerous kid. ;)

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My 6 yer old son absolutely loves Star Wars and has a Luke Skywalker (tan) costume he wears whenever and whereever he can.  He wants a black one, but I gotta make that as it isn't in stores.  Anyways, last month we went to a Geek Galaxy Comic Con and boy did he ever go nuts!  He met the fellow who played Chewbacca and we talked, extensively actually, to the guy who did voice talent for a Jabba minion (the critter who plucked out CP3O's eyeball) as well as voices for most of the bad guys in Gremlins.  Well, today I was graced with a link to a video of various events in Evansville, and LO!  The Jedi and his faithful droid were in the 1:20- 1:25 mark of the video.  Can't wait to show him! G! :)

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