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A new build is available for PC
Currently it's only on Steam (Should be on GOG very soon)

Fixes (we hope):

  • Day 10 Crash
  • Audio Stutter on Chandler
  • Inability to enter Security Room in Tesla from saved game.
  • A few additional Map bugs (tracked down by League Member: Bjyman)
  • A few other issues I don't believe had been reported by users

Hoping to have an update for the Mac tomorrow.
I'll update this forum post with that information when I have it.

UPDATE (6/13/14):  The Update is now available on GOG 

UPDATE (6/13/14):  The MAC version is now available on Steam....GOG should be following soon-ish
​We are not a MAC house, we have one borrowed MAC to use, but Chris K (our programmer) did a quick sanity check on the patch and felt it improved frame-rate on the test machine.  This could only be related to the Sound Stutter fix.  Hopefully others will see an improvement too.