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I finally got around (actually forced by my cable company going "all digital") to replacing my TV's with flatpanels (LED).  I got a 40" Samsung 1080i.  It was supposed to be my TV, but noticed my laptop (that is on my desk most of the time), had HDMI so I plugged it in just for the heck of it.  Well, a quick tweak to get the picture centered and viola!  My new monitor for my computer.  Worked on it for a few days and thought, "Wonder how Tex would look on it?" ...all I have to say is "Holy Cow!"  If you haven't tried this configuration yet, do it.  Nothing short of amazing while playing Tex, especially coming through the TV speakers instead of my crappy laptop speakers.  Plays and sounds like a movie- the FMV is crystal clean and sharp.


Anyway, have fun!