You are disclosing email addresses, Privacy Violation

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Wasn't sure where to put this (doesn't seem to be anywhere for it) so put it here.

You created Kickstarter backer accounts while well intentioned perhaps not very well thought out

Using an email address as a username on a forum that displays the currently logged in members at the bottom of the forum which then discloses that members email address
as that is the current members given username (bad choice).

The address I used in kickstarter is one that is used only when money is changing hands not for social networking, forums, throwaway mail etc as I do not like (& others may not like theirs)  my name splashed all over the internet.

Name on credits etc is one thing as there is absolutely no text that can be cross referenced (the more info you put out online the easier you are to track down all it takes is one little slip) & no bots harvesting accounts to spam or for slimeballs to attempt breaking.

I would have preferred a choice of signing up to the forums or not or at the very least you guys could have used a generic username like "User12345" instead of causing multiple email disclosures which is a privacy violation issue by law.

I'll have to stop using kickstarter or create another secure account only for kickstarter usage should more of this continue on other projects. since freemails are unacceptable for online purchases, constantly broken, scanning of inboxes for personalised advertising & too many crumbs left over.

You should change all currently unchanged usernames to something else or disable the display of logged in users & disable any publicly / member viewable member list for the time being. it's one thing if a user discloses their oqn mail but a company disclosing it & I find the oversight on this personally to be unacceptable.

I'm rambling a bit I know but just trying to wake you guys up a bit since if someone in a less forgiving state of mind had lawyers all over this then the game may never happen

& I would rather see the $ go towards the game than an ambulance chasers pocket :p

perhaps it's better keeping the backer only stuff on kickstarter? I'm one of the few that won't check forums often.

won't go into my work here it's not web design but is technical in nature.

& for any iphone users::

I look forward to the game :)