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Even though the old Big Finish Games website has been retired, a couple of sections remain accessible: The forums, and the Mutant League / Backer Rewards download section.

Note: The forums are still accessible for archival purposes only. New user registrations and postings have been disabled.

For help on accessing these sections, please review the instructions below…

Accessing the Forums

To access the old forums:

  • Navigate to the “BFG Forums” sub-menu item, located within the “Archived” menu item at the top of the new Big Finish Games web site.
  • Once there, you may browse the forums as a guest.
  • If you would like to log in, use the “Login” link that appears at the top-right of the forum page. Even though you can log in and review your profile, you will not be able to make any new posts / replies).

404 Errors to old forum posts:

If you navigate to a forum post/topic from an old link on another website, it is likely you will get a “404 file not found” error. To resolve this, you can manually replace the “” part of this link with “” to find the new address.

For example:

If the link was trying to find “” simply change this to “” in your browser’s address bar.

We will not provide this redirect for you. This is to allow the search engine caches to move on from the old links and addresses.

Accessing the Backer Downloads

To access the backer rewards:

  • You will need to log in to the BFG Forums first. This is because the forum log-in system is used to authenticate you as a user. You can do this by following the instructions under the “Accessing the forums” section of this page.
  • Once you have logged in there, you can head back over to the Backer Downloads page.
    • If you are currently viewing the forum, this is accessed by pressing the “Mutant League Login” link at the bottom of the forum page.
    • If you are back at the new Big Finish Games website, you can access this by selecting the “Mutant League Login” sub-menu item, under the “Archived” menu.
  • You now have to log in with your backer credentials which are a separate set of credentials that you were provided during the Kickstarter campaign.

Once logged in, you should have full access to all your applicable incentives.