Adrian Carr talks about The Pandora Directive 25th Anniversary

Adrian Carr shares his excitement for the opportunity to remaster The Pandora Directive.

G’day to the entire Tex Murphy Universe… Dalton Fiske  Director, Adrian Carr here…

Two weeks ago I was contacted by Chris Jones, Aaron Conners and Mat Van Rhoon to see if there was a possibility of me joining them on a 25th Anniversary Edition of The Pandora Directive.

When Chris told me that my director’s vision could be fully realized now, because of the advancements in today’s Game Technology —- Just think, gang, Real Time video up to 4K resolution, a Full Color Spectrum as well as Full Dynamic Audio, Upgraded Sets and high quality VFX —- would I be interested?

My answer — A Resounding HELL YEAH!!!

It’ll be like getting the band back together, but hey, it’s early stages and we have to see how we can bring this mammoth undertaking to fruition.

I know I’m excited for this and I hope you are too.



25 years on, taking a look back on the set of The Pandora Directive.

1995 was an fantastic time for adventure games. Access software, with the assistance of Adrian Carr, helped bring the Tex Murphy universe to the forefront of the industry. It was their award-winning approach and masterful collaboration that resulted in what has been deemed one of the greatest adventure games of all time. The game’s innovative approach to branching story and dialog even caught the attention of BioWare (best known for the Mass Effect series), who borrowed a few cues from The Pandora Directive when crafting Mass Effect’s in-game dialogue and choice system.

Now that we’re getting the band back together (with a few more members picked up along the way), let’s take a look back on the set of the original Pandora Directive. In this video restored from the archives we get a glimpse of this fantastic team whose genesis stems from the golden era of adventure game development…