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The Roswell UFO crash. A package. A serial killer. A government cover-up. A mysterious woman. A missing man. A terrible secret. And you need to shave. It can't get any worse.

Tex is hired by a man named Gordon Fitzpatrick to find a missing person, Dr. Thomas Malloy. The search quickly takes on a more serious tone when Tex discovers that Dr. Malloy was involved in the military’s dealings with a U.F.O. that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Soon everyone is looking for Dr. Malloy, including the N.S.A. and Malloy’s daughter, Regan Madsen. Tex must discover what’s hidden in the six puzzle boxes Malloy sent out, and get to them before the others. The secret they contain could be too much for the world to handle.

Will Tex decide to take the straight-and-narrow path, save the world, and get the girl? Will he give in to temptation and greed, and turn his back on everyone he knows and cares about? Or will he be true to himself, and haphazardly bungle his way through, somehow saving his neck – and the world – in the process?

The Pandora Directive is the 4th title in the Tex Murphy series, and second CD Rom title. It once again smashed previous records, shipping on 6 CDs and boasted improved Full Motion Video quality, as well as a more-detailed color palette in the Virtual World environments. It has been hailed as arguably the best game in the Tex Murphy series, and one of the greatest adventure games of all time. This is due to its rich story, excellent acting, and stunning presentation. It also contained 7 different endings and 3 completely unique narrative paths, making it one of the first titles where your choices throughout the game drastically would effect the outcome.

The Pandora Directive currently sits at #9 on Adventure Gamers’ “All-time best adventure games” list, and Just Adventure+ says: ““If you’re a veteran of adventure games, you owe it to yourself to play this classic. If you’re new to them, this game will help make you an addict…”

It won Computer Gaming World’s 1995 “Adventure Game of the Year”, citing: “”Because your choices really affect how the game proceeds, this is, for once, an interactive movie that truly is interactive.”

System Requirements (1996 DOS):

Intel 486 DX2 60 MHz, 16MB RAM, SVGA Compatible Video Card, Quad Speed CD Rom, 16MB Hard Disk Space.

System requirements (Windows today):

Today’s systems requirements vary depending on the online digital retail specifications. Please review their system requirements before purchasing.


A novelization of the game was written by Aaron Conners in 1995. It differs slightly from the game, providing more detail and further insight into the characters and locations, but the overall story is very similar.

The novel is available at

“The Pandora Directive indeed sets an example to which all other interactive movie adventure games should aspire.”

  • Adventure Classic Gaming

The Pandora directive improved upon Under a Killing Moon in almost every way, boasting hours of replay-ability with its 3 unique narrative paths and 7 different endings.

We’ll just let the images speak for themselves…

There isn’t a huge amount to report regarding the progress of The Pandora Directive remaster other than that Model C…

Tex Murphy Radio Theater, Part 2

Sometimes, things take a little longer than expected. But, like a fine wine, when we are finally ready to share…
Comparison showing Tex talking to Fitzpatrick, between the 1996 version and the new remastered version.

Third time’s the charm?

Is anybody up for round three? Well, it turns out, the technology is continuously improving, and so is our expertise.…
Composited test image of Gordon Fitzpatrick in the spaceship.

Image processing completed, now begins the hard part…

Ten months straight and no days off for good behavior Last week, The Pandora Device completed its ten-month-long render, converting the…

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