Rita James and the Race to Shangri La

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Feb 29, 2012


Big Finish Games


Big Fish Games

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Join Rita and her friends on this whimsical voyage that pays homage to 1930's adventure serials.

Months after saving her missing father Dr. James from Thunder Island, Rita is on a whirlwind adventure in search of Shangri La. A stunning turn of events has them both on the run and only by finding the mythical paradise can they hope to clear their name. With help from Sebastian and Marbles the monkey, will they be able to traverse this land where few have ventured?

Join Rita and her friends on this whimsical voyage that pays homage to 1930’s adventure serials.

Play through six exciting chapters as you traverse the steep Himalayan Mountains, escape a small village filled with thugs, and encounter the infamous Yeti. Enjoy incredible locations searching for items, solving puzzles, and escaping perilous circumstances.

With a rich soundtrack, gorgeous scenes, and a comedic atmosphere, you’ll be immersed in a magnificent misadventure.


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