Tex Murphy Radio Theater, Part 2

Sometimes, things take a little longer than expected. But, like a fine wine, when we are finally ready to share them with folks, it makes the flavor all the more spectacular. Back when we had the Tesla Effect Kickstarter campaign, one of the incentives was a continuation of the Tex Murphy Radio Theater episodes, with six new installments for what would be “Part Two.” We have never forgotten our promise and commitment to delivering these episodes.

The story continues…

The original Tex Murphy Radio Theater continued the story following the notorious cliffhanger at the end of Overseer. But important—and previously untold—events occurred leading up to that fateful night outside the Golden Pagoda.

In the second edition of Tex Murphy Radio Theater, we go back to June, 2043, several weeks after Tex wrapped up the Pandora Directive case…and then got dumped by Chelsee for a Cary Grant hologram. Over the six new episodes, you’ll hear what happened in the days before Tex and Chelsee’s dinner date, including a new case that showed up at Tex’s door, leading him (and Chelsee) on a hunt for a rare Enigma Machine document that may be a map to lost Romanov treasure and a secret that’s been buried for 150 years…

Throw in a few laughs, a little romance, a creepy return trip to Roswell and a trail of clues connecting events from Tex’s past and future for an exciting new chapter in the Tex Murphy saga that sets the stage for what’s to come!

Starting on Saturday, November 26, we will be premiering a new episode of Tex Murphy Radio Theater, each week for six weeks, on our YouTube channel. Not only will you have the opportunity to listen to all your favorite characters (Tex, Chelsee, Louie, Rook, and more), but Aaron Conners will be present in the chat streams to chat with listeners and answer your questions!

A special treat for backers who paid for the Radio Theater tier

We understand that certain backers elected for the special “radio theater” tier during the Tesla Effect campaign, and we want to ensure they receive something special. Our goal is to send an email with access to download the hi-resolution, uncompressed versions of the radio theater episodes for all eligible backers which also include an additional special intro for each episode recorded by Aaron Conners. The quality is so darn crisp you’d swear Tex Murphy is sitting in the room next to you. We hope you don’t mind the smell of cigarettes and bourbon wafting by as you listen!

Please note: Because it has been such a long time since the Kickstarter campaign was run, it may take time to collect the relevant information and email addresses for the eligible backers and subsequently deliver the links to everybody. Please be patient with us while we collect this information and know that this delivery will not be hitting inboxes until January 2023. 

If your email address changed since you backed Tesla Effect, please DO NOT contact us now. Once we start sending out emails to backers in January, we will open up for individual enquiries from folks who may need help with their delivery. This will be done case-by-case, so, again, please be patient with us.

Tune your radios to WTEX

As mentioned above, the radio theater episodes will be released weekly as a YouTube premiere live stream where listeners will have the opportunity to chat during the broadcast and even speak with Aaron Conners. So remember to head over to Big Finish Games’ YouTube channel, and subscribe so you don’t miss it!

First broadcast: Saturday, November 26th
Last Broadcast: Saturday, December 31st
Release Schedule: Weekly
Broadcast time: 6pm Mountain Time USA
Location: Big Finish Games YouTube Channel

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Time zone conversion:

  • Mountain US: 6pm
  • Eastern US: 8pm
  • Central US: 7pm
  • Pacific US: 5pm
  • GMT/UK: 1am Sunday (sorry London!)
  • East Coast AUS: 12-noon Sunday